mercoledì, giugno 22, 2011


[in my mailbox this morning]

ARIES (March 21-April 19):

Golden orb spiders of Madagascar spin robust webs.
Their silk is stronger than steel yet able to bend and expand when struck by insects.
Here's an equally amazing facet of their work: each morning they eat what remains of yesterday's web and spend an hour or so weaving a fresh one.
I'm thinking that your task in the coming weeks has some similarities to the orb spider's, Aries: creating rugged but flexible structures to gather what you need, and being ready to continually shed what has outlived its usefulness so as to build what your changing circumstances require.

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kalz ha detto...

Annuisco con aria condiscendente dicendo: "Sappiamo, sappiamo". Così, tanto per darmi un tono intelligente... intendo dire "falsamente" intelligente.